buenoSDIAs: Supporting Desktop Immersive Analytics While Actively Preventing Cybersickness

Daniel Zielasko, Martin Bellgardt, Alexander Mei├čner, Maliheh Haghgoo, Bernd Hentschel, Benjamin Weyers, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
Proceedings of IEEE VIS Workshop on Immersive Analytics (2017)

Immersive data analytics as an emerging research topic in scientific and information visualization has recently been brought back into the focus due to the emergence of low-cost consumer virtual reality hardware. Previous research has shown the positive impact of immersive visualization on data analytics workflows, but in most cases, insights were based on large-screen setups. In contrast, less research focuses on a close integration of immersive technology into existing, i.e., desktop-based data analytics workflows. This implies specific requirements regarding the usability of such systems, which include, i.e., the prevention of cybersickness. In this work, we present a prototypical application, which offers a first set of tools and addresses major challenges for a fully immersive data analytics setting in which the user is sitting at a desktop. In particular, we address the problem of cybersickness by integrating prevention strategies combined with individualized user profiles to maximize time of use.

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