We permanently look for student assistants (HiWi) to work on exciting projects in the area of Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization. If you are interested and have good programming experience (C++, CMake), please look at the research topics of our staff and contact the person you'd like to work with. If you are interested in more than one topic, contact our office in order to get an appointment with several colleagues or to get information on further available jobs.

Furthermore, we are regularly seeking candidates with a strong interest in Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization as higly qualified PhD. students or software developers.

HiWi Positions: AR/VR.nrw: Authoring Collaborative Virtual Environments for Higher Education

In this project, a general collaborative authoring application to be used by domain-specific teachers is developed. The core idea of the project is to give lecturers an easy-to-use toolset to create and adjust their own teaching content without requiring previous programming knowledge. The application and toolkit is developed fully in Unity with a focus on multi-user interaction and collaborative authoring.

As you would be working on an already existing code base in a small team, you should have good programming and communication skills and be motivated to work together with other people on the same codebase.
The application is implemented in Unity, so previous experience with the engine itself and C# is desired.

We are looking to fill two specific positions:

Authoring System Development:

Regarding this position, your job will be programming on the creation and manipulation of virtual objects, user interfaces, and interaction techniques.
Basic knowledge of Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (ideally respective lectures taken from our institute) are desired.
Supervisor: Sevinc Eroglu, M. Sc.

Multiplayer Development:

For this position, you will focus on improving networked interactions and implementing new multiplayer features while working closely together with the other team members. Therefore, any previous knowledge about netcode and multiplayer systems in general is a huge bonus.
Supervisor: David Gilbert, M. Sc.

Sevinc Eroglu, M. Sc.
David Gilbert, M.Sc.

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